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Jackson Pollock Painting Number 8, 1949


We think we're smart,
We think we're cool,
We like the prats,
We like the fools.

Everything we know was potty training,
The rest is just a revelation.

You know you're smart,
You know you're cool,
You like the arts,
You like the rules.

Everything you thought was potty training,
The rest is just revolution. ©


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Welcome to the creative world of The Gutter Poets

The Gutter Poets are a collective of writers and artisans who create and promote modern literature, new media ideas and original concepts.

The Gutter Poets with a free spirit attitude are an enigma, a challenge to the equilibrium, a progression.

The Gutter Poets are creating poetry, stories, novels, plays, scripts, lyrics, art, movies and ideas in different ways while embracing new technology and future media methods. We hope to converge the world of the imagination with the world of reality thus breaking down barriers and moving concepts forward.

We will try to support and promote contributors and provide advice on various aspects of writing, publishing and new media.

If you are interested in The Gutter Poets and have literature or ideas you would like to contribute please get in contact. We hope to publish extracts from your work and provide links to your portfolio or your own web sites.

The Gutter Poets concept was inspired by Joe Strummer and The Clash and their song Ghetto Defendant from the album Combat Rock

The Clash - Combat Rock Album 1982

Latest News - Edinburgh Legendary Poet Paul Reekie dies suddenly
Paul Reekie R.I.P also please read his Evening News Obituary

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 Motto: Let's Bounce!!!

All content posted or published by The Gutter Poets from individuals or groups will be subject to the relevant laws and regulations and will be the individuals or groups own responsibility. Also The Gutter Poets are not responsible for the content of external internet sites - however these are the sort of laws and regulations that if unjustified may need challenging in the future.

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